‘Medium Dark Blue’ Dried Lavender Bunches (6 pcs)

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Dark Blue Lavender bunches containing about 150 – 200 stems. Between 4 to 8 inches stem length. Compact neat dark blue flower stems, ideal for floral arrangements, posies or simply in a jam jar or pretty jug.

These beautiful ‘Medium Dark Blue’ dried lavender bunches are perfect for home display in a vase, jar or other ornament.

Dried lavender bunches also make a wonderful addition to any home-office desk, or desk in the workplace (make all your colleagues jealous).

Store the lavender in the shade and avoid direct sunlight, this will help keep the colour for 6-12 months.

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Our dried lavender bunches begin their life grown at our Lavender farm in the rolling hills of Shropshire.

The lavender is cut by hand in the early summer months in peak condition.

Each freshly cut lavender bunch is then carted in small batches to our large dutch-barn.

In just two weeks it is slowly air dried, helping the lavender to retain the optimum colour.

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